The Artist

As a catch and release enthusiast, Jim Tingey has been angling and painting for over 50 years. His artwork has been juried and shown in art shows, sold in fishing stores, displayed in restaurants and enjoyed by many around the world. As a Catch-and-Release enthusiast, he has been interested in alternates to the mounting and photo method for memorabilia for years.  As a conservationist he recognizes the importance of our fishing resources and believes that this artwork will provide a key method for anglers who release fish, yet still want to remember that trophy catch.  As a Trout Unlimited member, he is making plans in this endeavor so that funds from each sale will be donated to worthy projects to restore America’s coldwater streams.


“Each painting reflects the great pride I take in my profession and belief in the catch and release concept as both an angler and conservationist.”
   -Jim Tingey

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